3D mask, FFP-2 equivalency

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Water-repellent and antibacterial 3D mask

3D mask, made of water-repellent and antibacterial fabric, with FFP-2 equivalence.

Suitable for 110 washes.


Water-repellent and antibacterial 3D mask

Water-repellent and antibacterial fabric 3d mask, FFP-2 equivalency.

Suitable for 110 washes.

The washing process:

- Do not use bleach, it could affect the characteristics of the fabric..

- Only use bactericidal fabric softener in the last rinse. If it is not bactericidal, do not use any type of fabric softener. If softener is used, it should be free of colorants.

- Only use pre-wash if the fabric incorporates stains or dirt that would set at the wash temperature. Otherwise it is not necessary to use the pre-wash.

- Use high water level in washing.

- Washing time: 10 minutes.

- Washing temperature: less than 60ºC.

- Moisturizing detergent.

- pH: slightly alkaline, not higher than pH 9.

- Rinse only with water. 4 cycles.

- The detergent used to wash this fabric must be free of optical whitening.

- The spin time will be conditioned to the revolutions of the washing machine and its K factor.

- Dryer can be used. This process can be carried out up to 70ºC, exceeding this temperature could affect the gender.

- The tests have been carried out according to the UNE-EN ISO 6330: 2012 standard.



Certificado ITEL

Homologación de la tela de las mascarillas.

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Estudios Técnicos

Estudios técnicos de la tela usada para las mascarillas que avalan la equivalencia FFP-2.

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